ITP: xsri

Charles Wilson
Wed Apr 5 05:58:00 GMT 2006

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Apr  2 17:00, Charles Wilson wrote:

>> Can I get a GTG here?
> Any people left who are willing to review packages?  Grrr.
> Charles, you're *really* long enough in that project to know what's good
> or not good for a release.  Just go ahead.  You don't have to wait for a
> GTG anymore, just upload what you think is ripe for uploading. 

Well, okay...but on the other hand, the lack of interest in GTG'ing a 
package is also an indication of a lack of interest in having the 
package in the distro at all.  If no-one is interested enough in using 
the package to GTG it, then ... well, in some cases the person ITPing it 
might want to consider whether it's worth the commitment to go ahead 
with the package.  Although it's true that the set of people who can GTG 
(current package maintainers) is quite a bit smaller than the set of 
people who might be interested in using a package (larger than cygwin ml 
subscriber list).

Now, in this particular case -- xsri -- the package is so simple [easy 
to maintain, low number of problem reports expected], as all the real 
work is done by the gtk libs, that I'll go ahead and upload it despite 
those reservations.

However, given the above discussion, I'll wait a while longer before 
moving forward with rxvt-unicode-X, in the absence of a GTG.  (The only 
person to have attempted to build it reported problems; I'm convinced 
those problems are resolved/PIBKAC, but he never followed up.  So...)

Further, in the case of the other three packages
these all need actual votes (as they have no analogue in Linux distros), 
and have received none as yet.  (Plus, the fact the rxvt-W *doesn't 
actually work* is kind of a drawback.  I'd really want some community 
"buy-in" before uploading these three, even as setup.hint 'test:'-only 

> It would
> just be nice if you could in turn GTG a few more other packages once in
> a while.

Friendly nudge accepted.  I did kinda get out of the habit of GTGing 
stuff a while back...I have vague memories of a 
more-than-I-bargained-for time-sink last time I did one [not 
util-linux], but I don't recall any other details.  Not an excuse, just 
an explanation.

Speaking of which, I did recently test the new util-linux package, and 
have a new cygutils ready to go with it.  But Yaakov needs to address 
item (B) from this message
even if only to say "Okay, I'll make a note to update the README on the 
*next* release".

Nevermind responding to this util-linux thread-jack; I'll repost in the 
correct thread


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