[ITP] util-linux

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Wed Apr 5 06:00:00 GMT 2006

Charles Wilson wrote:
> I've got a version of cygutils (1.3.0-1) ready to upload which has the 
> following programs removed:
>   cal col colcrt colrm column ddate getopt mcookie namei rename rev
> Its upload needs to be synchronized with the following:
> (1) adding Yaakov's util-linux
 > (3) agetty, more, and setsid would have to be marked _obsolete AND dummy
 >     packages with version numbers larger than their respective current
 >     versions uploaded, for each of those three.

I'll handle the above...

> (2) Q: maybe cygutils' setup.hint file should require: util-linux
>        PRO: that way, people won't suddenly see their favorite little
>             utility disappear
>        CON: util-linux requires e2fsprogs and libpcre0.  Since cygutils
>             is required by some packages in the Base category, this
>             would effectively pull util-linux, e2fsprogs, and libpcre0
>             into Base.  Not sure that's a good idea, just so somebody
>             can keep their 'ddate' working.
Note: it's even worse: *perl* is a requirement of util-linux (chkdupexe 
and scriptreplay).

Consensus summary: cygutil's setup.hint should NOT require util-linux. 
This will have the result that the following utilities
   cal col colcrt colrm column ddate getopt mcookie namei rename rev
may silently disappear from users' systems if they only upgrade cygutils 
without also installing util-linux.  Hopefully either (a) few people 
care about these specific 11 utilities, or (b) those that do care will 
read the cygwin-announce list.

> Finally, I have a few questions about the util-linux -2 packaging.
> (A) why are `more' and `arch' in /bin and not /usr/bin ?  ("That's the 
> way linux does it" is not sufficient: on linux, there is actually a 
> difference between the two directories.) I'm uncertain that setup.exe 
> will DTRT here, since it is NOT a cygwin program...I'm *fairly* sure it 
> will DTRT, since otherwise all our stuff in /usr/bin wouldn't unpack 
> into CYGWINROOT\bin\ properly but ...

Okay, this isn't really a problem.  setup.exe WILL Do The Right Thing, 
so this is not a showstopper.  Personally I'd like to see arch and more 
explicitly installed into /usr/bin/ not /bin in the next release, but 
that's just MHO, and the current package is okay as-is, in this respect.

> (B) After installing all the prerequisites listed in the README, I can't 
> build the util-linux package.  pg.c fails with
>   pg.c:62:22: nl_types.h: No such file or directory
> nl_types is provided by the catgets package, but that's not listed as a 
> prereq.  (Further, why is it using catgets, instead of gettext? 
> everything ELSE in util-linux seems to use gettext...)  This is probably 
> a build-type NOT run-time dependency, since I doubt pq exec's the 
> gencat.exe utility.
> Anyway, after installing the catgets package...the build succeeds.

This is not a showstopper either.  Yaakov just needs to promise to 
update the README file to add catgets as a build dependency for the next 

So, IMO, all outstanding issues are addressed -- magic 
three-letter-acronym: GTG.

I'll go ahead do steps #1 and #3 above, and send an announcement about 
the cygutils update to the relevant list.


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