ITP: xsri

Charles Wilson
Wed Apr 5 13:57:00 GMT 2006

Reid Thompson wrote:
> Charles Wilson wrote:
>> However, given the above discussion, I'll wait a while longer before 
>> moving forward with rxvt-unicode-X, in the absence of a GTG.  (The 
>> only person to have attempted to build it reported problems; I'm 
>> convinced those problems are resolved/PIBKAC, but he never followed 
>> up.  So...)
>> Further, in the case of the other three packages
>>    libW11
>>    libXpm-W11
>>    rxvt-W
>> these all need actual votes (as they have no analogue in Linux 
>> distros), and have received none as yet.  (Plus, the fact the rxvt-W 
>> *doesn't actually work* is kind of a drawback.  I'd really want some 
>> community "buy-in" before uploading these three, even as setup.hint 
>> 'test:'-only packages)
> where can the current sources for these be downloaded from?

as stated

(okay, the rxvt-unicode-X one is a bit misleading; it tells where to 
find the -1-src package.  Apparently I forgot to "announce" the -2-src 


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