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Brooke Wallace bwallace@kyocera-wireless.com
Tue Apr 18 18:09:00 GMT 2006

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>> BTW, what sort of functionality did you want to add?
>> Have you been using "setup.exe -L -l DOSPATH" to install from
>> a local install point?

 I've been using the following command line options:

 setup.exe --local-install -l \\myshare\packages\cygwin\%MYVERSION% -R
 c:\utils\cygwin -r -n -A

 Works great except that it only installs the default package set. We are
 using some non-default packages and just decided to install everything.
 Unfortunately the only way to select "install everything" is to launch the
 GUI and select everything from the package list.

 I'd like to have an option that lets you determine the package set. 
 the best approach would be to take a command line option to specify a file
 that contains a list of packages to be installed.

 The plan is that once Cygwin is installed, we can add new packages and
 updates to our local copy of the distro and have out IT department push an
 upgrade to our user base using SMS. Right now the install takes over 30min
 which is very slow because ~2GB of data must be copied to the developer
 system. Our IT depart has a simple installer that just copies the files, 
 registry settings taken from an existing install. With the Cygwin 
 it should just update the packages that have changed.

 Here is a list of command line options I'm aware of:

 Cygwin installer command line options
 Command Line Options:
 -D --download                          Download from internet
 -L --local-install                     Install from local directory
 -s --site                              Download site
 -R --root                              Root installation directory
 -q --quiet-mode                        Unattended setup mode
 -h --help                              print help
 -l --local-package-dir                 Local package directory
 -r --no-replaceonreboot                Disable replacing in-use files on
 -5 --no-md5                            Suppress MD5 checksum verification
 -n --no-shortcuts                      Disable creation of desktop and
                                        menu shortcuts
 -N --no-startmenu                      Disable creation of start menu
 -d --no-desktop                        Disable creation of desktop shortcut
 -A --disable-buggy-antivirus           Disable known or suspected buggy
                                         virus software packages during


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