HEADS-UP: Modular X11 (ALL maintainers, please read)

Hannu E K Nevalainen _garbage_collector_@telia.com
Tue Apr 18 18:09:00 GMT 2006

Sorry for writing in a shorthand style. Please fill in the missing words of
type "please"...
And as a precaution;
 in case CGF happens to read this and finds anything upsetting:
 "No personal offense intended!" ;-)
 Remember; I would NOT be here writing this unless I lkied cygwin a lot.

In the process of creating new X packages, might it be possible to begin
have a (type of) "cleanup" happen at the same time?

 What I'm asking for is:
  1) more coordination, please!
  2) A SINGLE Start->Programs->Cygwin item, please - *subitems* preferred.

As it is now cygwin and some of the dependant stuff is littering the start
menu with loads of duplicate items; created by diverse packages. (1)

 IM(VSP)O this is a must have (2):

$ cd /etc/X11
$ diff -u0 X-start-menu-icons-list.orig X-start-menu-icons-list
--- X-start-menu-icons-list.orig        2006-04-18 19:37:07.343750000 +0200
+++ X-start-menu-icons-list     2006-04-18 19:37:33.796875000 +0200
@@ -4 +4 @@
-TOPFOLDER="$(cygpath -A -P)/Cygwin-X"
+TOPFOLDER="$(cygpath -A -P)/Cygwin/X"

Suggestion in a short sentence:
 Make the cygwin base package create Start->Programs->Cygwin, other packages
(possibly) create subitem-folders if they find that necessary (a folder per

IMVSPO - In My Very Strong Personal Opinion

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