Please upload: tcp_wrappers-7.6-3

Charles Wilson
Thu Apr 20 15:08:00 GMT 2006

[redirected to the list, in case setup.exe gurus want to correct 
anything below]

Bryan D. Thomas wrote:
>> However, if so then 
>> the main setup.hint needs to be updated to require:
>> libwrap1, and there 
>> should be a libwrap1 setup.hint with an
>> 'external-source: tcp_wrappers' 
>> line.
> Thank you.  I'll post again when I've DTRT.

But actually, you need to have a 'versioned' require -- the curr: 
version of tcp_wrappers does not require and does not provide a libwrap1 
package!  I'm not sure if setup.hint supports that or not.  So, until 
your dll-ized version of tcp_wrappers goes curr:, I think you should 
skip the 'requires: libwrap1' part.  test: users will have to install 
libwrap1 manually.


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