Please upload: tcp_wrappers-7.6-3

Bryan D. Thomas
Fri Apr 21 13:56:00 GMT 2006

Yaakov wrote:
> I know that tcp_wrappers doesn't officially come
> a shared library, but other distributions also do
> such patches, but they version their shared lib as
> libwrap0

Yes, I have been looking at Debian. I will attempt to
create libwrap0.dll.a, libwrap0.a.  cygwrap-1.dll is
still correct, or cygwrap-0.dll?

Charles wrote:
> until your dll-ized version of tcp_wrappers goes
> curr:, I think you should skip the 'requires:
> libwrap1' part.  test: users will have to install
> libwrap1 manually.

Definitely. For testing, it will be manual.

Thank you for the helpful information! Another help
would be an example of how to see that things are
working.  Am I correct to expect I could compile, for
example, Apache from source and OpenSSH from source to
get them both using the shared wrapper library, then
see in Sysinternals Process Explorer that one is
loaded, shared between? lsof would show this also,
perhaps?  Anything smaller than Apache to suggest? I
suppose testing with Apache is a Good Idea, as it is
often used under Cygwin?

Best regards,


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