[ITP] fcgi-2.4.0-1

Max Bowsher maxb1@ukf.net
Wed Aug 2 22:46:00 GMT 2006

Reini Urban wrote:
> I want to contribute and maintain the fastcgi library.
> I compiled it just as static library, which is useful for apache2,
> lighttpd, ruby, php and clisp. Maybe I might be persuaded to maintain a
> dll (libfcgi0) also.

I do not see how it would be useful for apache2.

Why a static library? To gain the benefits of smaller overall package
size, and of not needing to rebuild dependent packages to pick up new
library versions, I'd suggest _only_ shipping a DLL.

>   /var/www/fcgi-bin/authorizer.exe
>   /var/www/fcgi-bin/echo-cpp.exe
>   /var/www/fcgi-bin/echo-x.exe
>   /var/www/fcgi-bin/echo.exe
>   /var/www/fcgi-bin/log-dump.exe
>   /var/www/fcgi-bin/size.exe
>   /var/www/fcgi-bin/threaded.exe

In Cygwin, /var/www/ is owned by the Apache 1.3.x package.  Unless you
are promoting an association with that specific webserver, I'd suggest
putting these somewhere else.

If they DO stay here, then the Apache 1.3.x maintainer needs to fix the
postinstall script to be tolerant of an already-existing /var/www/
directory on initial installation - currently, the Apache 1.3.x package
would fail to create its default document root, cgi-bin, and icons
directories in this case.


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