call for testing of latest setup.exe snapshot

Brian Dessent
Mon Aug 7 02:01:00 GMT 2006

I've just uploaded <>.

If you had experienced any problems with previous versions please try
this one and report if it solves your issue or not.

The above is CVS HEAD as of this moment.  I committed several
outstanding patches (sorry for the huge delay Igor!) and have tried to
round up all or most of the remaining outstanding patches/reported
problems below.  I wanted to put everything in one thread instead of
continuing a bunch of individual threads.  Sorry if this breaks up the
discussion too much.  (Of course there were many more things in the
"feature request" pile but that is another matter.)
  Null dereference in new_cstr_char_array.  This was already fixed in 
  CVS on 2006-03-14.
  Stray debugging messagebox removed.
  So, we have a couple of issues here.  Firstly, the bug/unintended
  feature of -r causing the infinite retries until the file can be
  written (if I understand correctly.)  Second the patch by Igor that
  adds a dialog when trying to replace an in-use file.
  Here is my opinion on the matter: I like the dialog idea, but I don't
  think having "Abort" as an option is appropriate, as it will
  potentially cause a really screwed up install, plus it was left
  unimplemented in the patch submitted.  So let's just have two
  options: "Retry" and "Replace on Reboot".  I know that this means we
  can't use the stock "Abort/Retry/Ignore" dialog but I think it's
  worth it for clarity.
  After we have that, we should fix the tar extraction bug with -r.
  Parsing of installed.db.  I don't really see that this matters a
  whole lot but it's certainly silly to have setup trying to read 
  fields that don't exist so I applied this (with minor updates to
  account for std::string changes.)
  Package validation exception.  As I said in the thread, I dislike
  the idea of pretending that invalid files don't exist without some
  kind of error, and the specific case I was thinking of was a user
  who downloads and installs in two separate steps.  If a file obtained
  during the download step turns out to be corrupt/wrong size, then 
  during "install from local directory" it will simply be silently
  omitted from the package list, which might be rather confusing if
  it's something important.  Even if the automatic dependency checking
  page flags a problem it is still not something the user can fix -- it
  will say "select this package!" but that package does not exist to
  be selected and cannot be installed anyway.
  Still, since I nor anyone else has come up with anything better, and
  because an unhandled exception is pretty ghastly, I've applied
  Igor's patch.  In the future I would like to augment this with a
  warning of some kind if the user is in "Install from local
  directory" mode, but I guess that will have to wait.
  -p option to specify packages to add.  I think I must have missed
  this patch the first time it was posted but I reviewed it here:
  If the submitter can fix the minor points raised I think it's fine
  for inclusion.

<I don't have a URL>
  Background color issues.  These should have been fixed for some time,
  but a newer snapshot was never made.

Bottom line:

If we can finish off the "Retry/Replace" file-in-use thing and assuming
there are no reports of new issues with this snapshot then I think we
can push out a release.


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