call for testing of latest setup.exe snapshot

Reini Urban
Wed Aug 9 06:23:00 GMT 2006

Peter D. Stout schrieb:
> I was testing the snapshot this morning and noticed a couple of minor issues.
> First, if the location of the Cygwin files changes on a mirror, then
> setup lists the mirror twice in the chooser and reports an error that
> the selected mirror has been removed when you click next.  For
> example, the URL for has changed from
> to
>  The error message makes
> sense when you track things down in /var/log/setup.log, but it is
> confusing when you are just looking at what is displayed.

I had a similar symptom.
I switched from "Install from Internet" to "Install from Local 
Directory", and the package list showed the right packages, but the 
wrong version numbers, either the version numbers from the previous 
downloaded setup.ini or from the locally installed packages. Not from my 
updated local one.
The second attempt with local install showed the correct versions.

My problem was probably just a read-only /etc/setup/last-cache. Wrong ACL.
2006/08/08 21:55:28 io_stream_cygfile: fopen(/etc/setup/last-cache) 
failed 13 Permission denied

> Warning, the default trust level for package  does not meet this specification libpgtypes2

Hmm, that's me. This setup.hint just misses the "curr:" as in most new 
postgresql hints. Strange.


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