Defining some official package naming standards

Max Bowsher
Sat Aug 12 22:13:00 GMT 2006

The recent thread about remake suggests it would be a good idea to 
define some actual official package naming rules: exactly what things 
are considered valid for the name, version, and release fields in a package.

I propose:

A package NVR identifier is name-version-release - three fields 
separated by '-' characters.

The release field MUST NOT contain a '-' character.

The version field MUST begin with a digit. Well-behaved parsers should 
allow it to contain '-' characters, but package creators should try to 
avoid this because it can lead to NVRs that look confusing.

The name field may contain '-' characters, EXCEPT that it MUST NOT 
contain a '-' character immediately followed by a digit.


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