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Phil Nelson
Wed Aug 23 16:31:00 GMT 2006

Hi everyone,

   I've been working with Carnegie Mellon University for the last several
years to get the Coda Distributed File system working with Windows.  Since
it was originally developed for UNIX, it turned out that the user land 
parts of Coda required a lot less changes if compiled with Cygwin.   As of
last year, we have a beta release that installs a kernel module and the
user land parts.

   As we have been working with this, we discovered that venus (the local
cache manager and the program that talks with the servers) ran well with
only a few versions of the cygwin .dll.   The previous version of the
.dll that worked well with venus was 1.5.11.   Later versions caused
venus to crash in a variety of places.   To help people using Coda,
we set up a private mirror of cygwin that didn't upgrade past 1.5.11 and
so it sat at an old version for a couple of years.  At the time, upset
was available via anonymous CVS and I could easily build the proper 
files to be able to add a couple of private packages, coda-base and

  Finally, this summer 1.5.21 runs venus well again and we are in the
process of updating our private mirror to the current version of cygwin.
In the process, I went to update our copy of upset only to discover that
it is no longer available via anonymous CVS.

  Is there a way I can get the current version of upset so our private
mirror will have the files built correctly?



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