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Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports)
Thu Aug 31 00:02:00 GMT 2006

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Charles Wilson wrote:
> I'm trying to switch over to cygport for those packages that cygport
> itself doesn't depend upon (e.g. I don't think it's wise to use cygport
> to package bzip2 or unzip, or, sadly, the autotools).  So, I appreciate
> the "examples" you've provided on the cygwin ports site.

Why is this a new problem?  The g-b-s also used some of these.  Did you
not use the g-b-s (or a modified version thereof) either?

There's always some level of bootstrapping with any packaging system,
but they will build their own dependencies (e.g. Gentoo Portage with
python and bash in addition to the above).

> I have run into one issue (and this relates to the delays in getting an
> updated tiff release): how to deal with multiple *source* packages.  For
> tiff, there's the actual tiff src, and then the testcase tarball.

SRC_URI can accept multiple sources since 0.2.0; so you could just
_append_ to
SRC_URI, and it will unpacked as ${S}/../libtiffpic.  But I'm not sure
what you're using it for, as I don't see that they're used by the tiff
built-in tests.

> Also, your sample release of tiff on cygports uses a completely
> different patchset than my older release, so merging the two is
> proving time-consuming.

The patches are mostly from Gentoo for the previously announced security
issues, with only a couple minor build fixes.

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