signing off, mostly

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Sun Dec 3 06:20:00 GMT 2006

Cygwin Community,

It's been a fun few years that I've been maintaining the Cygwin
documentation, but I think it's come time to ask for replacement
volunteers. I now rarely use Windows and just realized when
I got a few minutes on my wife's laptop that it doesn't even
have the build tools installed, and that the "FAQ alert" I was
going to respond to is nearly two months old:

The good news is that I believe I got cygwin-doc in a very
stable state, so a lot of it is just a matter of building the docs
from CVS, copying the files into a tarball, and releasing.

The bad news is the total lack of movement on the docs in
probably the past 16 months or so (i.e., since my daughter
was born).

I think this is a great opportunity for someone with a lot of
ideas for updated docs. I'd be happy to answer any
questions about the current setup of the Cygwin

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