[ITP] multitail: View one or multiple files like tail but with multiple windows.

Christopher Faylor cgf-use-the-mailinglist-please@cygwin.com
Sun Dec 10 06:10:00 GMT 2006

On Sat, Dec 09, 2006 at 01:21:19AM +0100, Dr. Volker Zell wrote:
>I would like to contribute and maintain the multitail package:
> o http://www.vanheusden.com/multitail/ (Homepage)
> o http://www.vanheusden.com/multitail/multitail-4.2.0.tgz  (Download location) 
>The package can be found in the following distros:
> o http://packages.debian.org/stable/source/multitail
> o http://packages.ubuntu.com/edgy/source/multitail
>Here is the setup.hint file:
>sdesc: View one or multiple files like tail but with multiple windows.
>ldesc: MultiTail lets you view one or multiple files like the original tail
>program. The difference is that it creates multiple windows on your
>console (with ncurses). It can also monitor wildcards: if another file
>matching the wildcard has a more recent modification date, it will
>automatically switch to that file. That way you can, for example,
>monitor a complete directory of files. Merging of 2 or even more
>logfiles is possible. 
>It can also use colors while displaying the logfiles (through regular
>expressions), for faster recognition of what is important and what not.
>Multitail can also filter lines (again with regular expressions) and
>has interactive menus for editing given regular expressions and
>deleting and adding windows. One can also have windows with the output
>of shell scripts and other software. When viewing the output of 
>external software, MultiTail can mimic the functionality of tools like
>'watch' and such.
>category: Utils Text
>requires: cygwin libncurses8

I just returned from a business trip to a mailbox full of gentle reminders
that the above is not a valid setup.hint file.

Take a close look at it and it should be obvious what's wrong.


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