[ITP] PHP 5.1.4 (cli, cgi-fcgi, apache2) [re-issued]

Max Bowsher maxb1@ukf.net
Thu Dec 21 00:45:00 GMT 2006

Lapo Luchini wrote:
> Max Bowsher wrote:
>> Total guess here, but are you trying to use DESTDIR? PHP is just weird,
>> and you have to use INSTALL_ROOT instead. In fact, I have vague
>> recollections of DESTDIR actually doing something else entirely, in PHP.
> Mhh, nope.. I'm in fact using your script, except a coulpe of mods ;-)
> I only added SQLite and MSSQL and removed PostgreSQL, right now...
> everything else is just ditto.
> (I was also trying to compile extensions shared, but that seems to be
> more complex, and I have this problem to solve first, anyway...)

You were right, it was to do with relinking.

I've updated http://mps.sh.nu/~maxb/cygphp/ with packages that build.

The source package is unpacked so you don't have to download many megabytes:


The particular line of importance is in the .sh script:

   sed -e 's/relink_command=\\"$relink_command\\""/"/' ltmain.sh >
gbs.$$.tmp && mv gbs.$$.tmp ltmain.sh

I suspect that nothing has, in fact, changed in this respect from 5.1.4
to 5.2.0 - rather, I probably had that hack installed on my system
libtool at the time I last built php.

As far as compiling extensions shared goes: I recall finding that to be
fraught with complications. It might be wise to defer that to a future
enhancement, after an initial version of the package has entered Cygwin.


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