lighttpd on cygwin?

Lapo Luchini
Wed Jan 4 01:05:00 GMT 2006

Jan Kneschke wrote:
> It should still compile on cygwin and there are even standalone packages
> using cygwin libs available. knows more about it.
I see that there is a thread[1] about "Repackaged Lighttpd With Cygwin 
Binary DLL" but I think having libhttpd in the "base system" (i.e. 
installable in any cygwin using cygwin's setup and being, thus, 
available in binary form on any cygwin mirror) is much more desiderable 
for us cygwin users out there.

You confirmed that it should still compile, the other question is: are 
you willing to update the package you began mantaining at version 1.3.0? 
If you don't, just confirm it and cygwin developers will know it is a 
package in need of a mantainer and possibly someone may step up to 
mantain it ;-)



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