is there a standard way to get the g-b-s to apply multiple patches?

Brian Dessent
Wed Jan 11 14:03:00 GMT 2006

Eric Blake wrote:

> Take a look at bash and readline, where I distinguish between Chet Ramey's
> official upstream patches vs. my cygwin-specific patches; the
> bash-3.0-14.patch contains only my differences after the upstream patches
> have been applied.  In particular, my modifications to g-b-s for bash
> 3.0-14 or readline 5.1-1 try to be pretty generic about bundling the
> upstream patches.  If you find it useful, or have any improvements, then I
> can consider making the patch robust enough to propose for g-b-s itself.

I noticed that.  However, there is one gotcha with this method.  Because
the outermost -src tarball contains files that unpack into the upstream
source dir, this can cause confusion if you want to start over. 

$ ./ prep conf build
# decide that for some reason you want to start over
$ rm -rf foo-1.0/
$ ./ prep conf build

However, the second build will not contain the Cygwin specific patches,
only the upstream patches.  This is because they were deleted at the
"rm" step.  To start over you have to re-unpack the toplevel -src
package, because it contains things that live under foo-1.0/.


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