[ITP] updated: lighttpd-1.4.8-1 [Was: lighttpd on cygwin?]

Lapo Luchini lapo.luchini@gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 08:57:00 GMT 2006

2006/1/12, Yaakov S. <yselkowitz@...>:
> > (stops on line 25564: `    PKG_CHECK_MODULES(FAM, gamin >= 0.1.0,')
> Do you have pkgconfig installed?  pkg.m4 defines PKG_CHECK_MODULES.

No, didn't have.
Didn't, in fact, even have it in the list of installable packages.
But it actually is in setup.ini on the mirror I use (mirror.switch.ch).
I wonder why it doesn't show up in setup.exe, maybe because of the
19-lines ldesc?
(I resorted to download and install it "manually"...)

I'll produce a lighttpd's -2 asap.
Thanks again for the help.

Lapo Luchini

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