Coreutils build used to require a managed mount?

Eric Blake
Thu Jan 19 19:12:00 GMT 2006

> This is not an issue with coreutils-5.93, but the coreutils-5.3.0 source
> won't extract without a managed mount due to some files that differ only
> in filename case in the source tarball.  There are workarounds, of course,
> but for the future, this is something that needs to be put in the package
> announcement, at least.

It was fixed upstream post-5.3.0 because I packaged 5.3.0, noticed
the problem, and complained.  The only files affected by case clash
in 5.3.0 are test scripts, so you can still run configure and make
without issues.  But I never got errors from tar, even though I was
not using a managed mount.  My guess is that you must be using
an explicit setting of CYGWIN=check_case: that makes tar complain,
whereas I don't use that, so I just see tar creating the contents of
the second file in the spelling of the first.  That's why I never thought
to document it as a limitation.

Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin coreutils maintainer

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