setup.exe waiting for busy files

Lapo Luchini
Sat Jan 21 08:48:00 GMT 2006

Lapo Luchini wrote:
> I would understand marking it unsuccesfull if the choice was "busy ->
> skip", but being "busy -> wait until not busy anymore" shouldn't it
> suceed directly?
I also wonder WHY creating a "NostartMenu" modal dialog if the reason
itself is the specific presence in the command line of the option to
SKIP installing it... I don't really need an installation-blocking
dialog to warn me of something I did explicitly select, do I?
(moreover in some cases it appears under the setup itself, and until yuo
remember to check task bar, you only get some "dong" upon perssnig the
"next" button in setup, being stopped by the modal windows)

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