"submission rules page" proposal number 3

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Mon Jan 23 10:03:00 GMT 2006

On Jan 22 17:28, Lapo Luchini wrote:
> OK, I now imported the "rest of the page" and I am working at the
> following address:
> http://cyberx.lapo.it/~lapo/setup.html
> [...]
> BTW: right now all the emails are in clear and using fixed-font.
> I guess we sould either convert them to mailto: hrefs or "hide" the @ in
> some way.
> I mean: either we decide not to avoid spam in this way (I'm for this)
> and do the complete linking thing, or we actively avoid that: I doubt
> any spammer that parses mailto:s avoid parsing the text of the page
> itself for probable email addresses.

I don't think it makes sense to put mailto:'s into the text.  The new
maintainers will have a lot of contact with the apps and announce
mailing lists anyway later on.  I can't believe they would try to use
the setup web page and click on the mail address to create their mails,
especially since they should be subscribed to apps anyway.
As for "hiding" the @, on a site I'm webmaster of, I'm simply using the
html &# equivalent on a site I'm webmaster for, and I got only two
spam mails within a year:


Maybe we can use this here, too.  But Chris is maintaining sourceware,
so I'd rather read his opinion here.

> Give me some comments on the whole page, now that I imported all the rest.
> It changed appeareance a bit, now that it is valid (X)HTML, but I tried
> to emulate the old visual behaviour adding a couple CSS rules.

Looks good except for the boffo and libboffo7 setup.hint examples.  In
both cases the text "Intended for use on VT100 terminals at BAUD rates
1200 and" as well as "bar whacks a mole" are in another font.  It looks
like the above text snippets are accidentally taken out of the <tt></tt>

While you're at it, could you add the "Perl" and "Python" categories?
I'm going to put the appropriate packages into these categories now.

Heh, I'm just curious when we will get the first mail with the exact
subject "[ITP] foo 0.10" :-)


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