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Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports) yselkowitz@users.sourceforge.net
Thu Jan 26 21:41:00 GMT 2006

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Lapo Luchini wrote:
> I guess you did try with latest version, 0.1.7..?
> Both under FreeBSD and Cygwin we didn't manage to have a working
> gamin-0.1.7.
> But gamin-0.1.5 works perfectly, it seems. (Using polling, of course.)

Actually, neither 0.1.6 (which was current when I first tried) nor 0.1.7

> Yes, and most of the patches that some FreeBSD folk did some time ago
> for version 0.1.5 were in fact included upstream. Unfortunately 0.1.7
> seems to have added some /other/ Linux-tiedness, as it doesn't work,
> even "porting" those patches not included from 0.1.5 to 0.1.7.

I presume these are the patches to which you're referring?


> Well, then.
> Me and Alessandro are willing to manage the package, as we need it at
> work anyway, and having it available thru setup.exe certainly eases things.
> (well of course if you insist to package it yourself, we won't complain ^_^)

Now that I have an existing patchset, then it's a different story
entirely.  This does affect me as well, so let me see what I can do.
I'm building 0.1.5 with these patches now.

> a. we do not need latest version (which seems to be quite changed)
> enough to justify devoting the necessary resources to make it working,
> or at least not soon

Agreed, considering the circumstances.

> b. we would produce a non-threaded library (see "Java and Cygwin: a
> difficult relation", a few minutes ago on cygwin@): does gnome-vfs2 or
> Gnome in general need the threaded library or not?

Not AFAIK.  In fact, gnome-vfs2 just looks for fam.h and libfam, which
could be provided by either FAM or Gamin; I don't think it actually
affects the gamin API either way, just the functionality.

> is there a way to produce two different but non clashing packages,
> in case of need?

No, but it shouldn't be necessary.

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