monotone 0.26pre1

Lapo Luchini
Thu Jan 26 22:35:00 GMT 2006

Monotone 0.26 will use "rosters". I'm not quite sure what they are but
the essentials are:
a. they are smaller than the old revision-metadata format
b. they are more flexible and will permit new features
c. they are totally incompatible with old format

There is a new command to "migrate" from one format to another, but this
doesn't work /always/ as there are some "weird" features that were
supported in old format and are not (yet) with rosters, such as a
revision tree with MULTIPLE roots (like when you "set up" a branch more
than once, maybe in different hosts, and then merge them).

I prepared 0.26pre1 version for my own experimenting.

I'm asking for advice here: should we release them as a "test" version
and let people experiment a bit, or we better wait for 0.26 "final" and
avoid the possible confusion?


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