maybe-ITP: bsdiff

Lapo Luchini
Fri Jan 27 13:21:00 GMT 2006

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> I guess I can finally produce a legally acceptable package? ;-)
> Yes, but you need 5 votes.
Yes, I guess Debian unstable doesn't qualify (I think I read something
about that somewhere on, I'm not quite sure where... ;-)).

Well, there is another solution: I can kindly convince "any major linux
distro" to include it in the stable branch =P
Afterall it is enough stable to distribute Firefox patches too 0=)

Uhm.. does Gentoo count as "major"?
In that case...

> Given the incredible activity of voting or,
> worse, reviewing of packages, I doubt that you will get the package in.
I guess that now, being less usual to see a need-to-vote package,
everyone of us "relaxed" a bit... uhm..
What about the good old "waiting for votes/reviews" lists? Does anyone
mantain them still?

I think that the website should really have a part dedicated to mantainers.
I, for myself, have problems remembering/noticing when and what of my
packages need updates, and more than one time I tought about creating
some generic system to "discover" updates and generate mail notices or
something like that. An update can be as easy as the URL of the official
homepage and a regular expression that extracts the numeric part of the
latest release.
Nothing spiffy, I was thinking about some easy PHP.

What do you (all) think about it?


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