Please test: ctags-5.6-1

Chris Sutcliffe
Thu Jun 1 19:50:00 GMT 2006

> I have just packaged ctags for Cygwin for the first time, due to the
> recent release of version 5.6.  Since I'm new at this and I'm using my
> own hand-rolled package build system, please treat this as a newly ITP'd
> package.  It looks right to me, but it needs review.

I'm curious does version 5.6 include the patch for vim for omni completion?

>From the vim help (:help ft-c-omni):

Completion of C code requires a tags file.  You should use Exuberant ctags,
because it adds extra information that is needed for completion.  You can find
it here:
For version 5.5.4 you should add a patch that adds the "typename:" field:

Just curious.


Chris Sutcliffe

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