Please test: postgresql-8.1.4-1 (new layout)

Reini Urban
Mon Jun 5 07:16:00 GMT 2006

As advertised I split up the monolithic postgresql package into a
debian-like layout, just multiple parallel installations are not yet
The only changes from debian are non-versioned names, -dev renamed to
-devel to be consistent with our naming, and postgresql-server-dev
renamed to postgresql-devel.

I'd appreciate external testing esp. from the php and xemacs
maintainers, so that they can fix their setup.hint's to include only the
smaller libpq4.

esp. for your php setup.hint: libpq4 instead of postgresql

You can also add "" to your
mirror site to install the as test marked libpq4-8.1.4 and
postgresql-8.1.4 packages. [Exp]

I've created various backwards compatible libpq's:

Reini Urban
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