[ITP] mlcscope 13.8.8

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Mon Jun 19 04:51:00 GMT 2006

Dave & Diane wrote:

> I have placed a source and binary set of archives for the cygwin package
> at http://www.lowtechnet.com/cscope
> I have not created a cygwin package before, so if I screwup in this
> process, I apologise in advance.
> Before sending email to cygwin-announce I have a few questions about the
> package contents.

Whoa there, you only send mail to cygwin-announce after the package has
been uploaded, and before it can be uploaded it needs a GTG review and
at least 5 votes (existance as a stable package in a well-known linux
distro can be used in lieu of votes.)

> 1) The original vendor package does not come with a configure command.
> Should I include a basic configure command that always returns success
> or should I simply not include a configure command?

The lack of configure script is not a problem per se, as long as you
document all the steps necessary to turn the source package into the
binary package in the Cygwin-specific README file.

> 2) Since there is no real configure command, can I expect a lot of
> problems due to differences in people configurations?

That would depend on how the code is written.  Given that Cygwin implies
x86 and Microsoft Windows, then if the program compiles and runs fine on
your Cygwin installation there's a pretty good chance it will function
identially on any Cygwin installation.  But that's not to say there
might not be problems with e.g. DOS line endings or paths with spaces in
them, but those aren't the kind of things that a configure check would
fix anyway.

> 3) I think I have followed the instructions on
> http://cygwin.com/setup.html accurately. Can someone look these packages
> over prior to me officially submitting to cygwin-announce and provide
> feedback?

There are a number of problems with your binary package.

It includes only a single file, /sbin/mlscope.exe.  This should almost
certainly be in /usr/bin and not /sbin.

The source package contains man pages, HTML documentation, even your
README in the CYGWIN-PATCHES dir.  All of these need to be in the binary
package, otherwise no user will ever see them.  The binary package
contains all the files you want actually installed on the user's

The Cygwin specific README (i.e. CYGWIN-PATCHES/README) should be in the
binary package as usr/share/doc/Cygwin/mlcscope-13.8.8-1.README.

The HTML and upstream README, COPYING, notes.* (etc.) should all go into

The man pages should be gzipped and placed into /usr/share/man/man1/.

Your setup.hint contains a dependancy on flex, but this appears to be a
compile-time dependancy as libfl only exists as a static library.  If
this is the case you need to list flex in the (currently missing) "build
packages required" section in your Cygwin-specific README, but not in
setup.hint.  The "requires" line in setup.hint is only for runtime

Finally, a note about your source patches: All of the things that you
patch (renaming getline() and not using d_ino) are non-issues in current
Cygwin snapshots and the upcoming 1.5.20.  In the next release of Cygwin
getline will not be defined unless you define _GNU_SOURCE, and d_ino
will be usable and functional -- if you wait for 1.5.20 this should not
require any patches.


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