ssh-host-config doesn't chown /var/empty properly from setup.exe

Igor Peshansky
Mon Jun 19 21:41:00 GMT 2006

On Mon, 19 Jun 2006, Thrall, Bryan wrote:

> I've created a package which does some automatic configuration in its
> postinstall script, including running `ssh-host-config -y < /dev/null`.
> When setup.exe runs this postinstall script, ssh-host-install works
> almost perfectly, except that it doesn't chown /var/empty properly:
> /var/empty ends up owned by the user who is running setup.exe and group
> "none" when it should be SYSTEM.root. It also ends up with 700
> permissions instead of 755.
> ssh-host-config has no problems when run from an xterm or tty; I've only
> noticed it happening when executed from a postinstall script. I'm trying
> to install on a WinXP machine, the user has administrative privileges,
> and I tested the latest setup snapshot (2.529) but no luck. I didn't
> notice any obvious clues from the setup source, either.
> Any suggestions? Cygcheck output from the target machine is attached, in
> case it helps.

At a guess, your package is not dependent on the "base-passwd" package,
and thus setup is free to run your postinstall script before /etc/passwd
is created (which would result in chown not knowing who SYSTEM or root
is).  Add base-passwd to the "requires:" line of your setup.hint, and see
if it helps.

You can check that by looking at the order of script execution in
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