[ITP] mlcscope 13.8.8

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Tue Jun 20 06:31:00 GMT 2006

Dave & Diane wrote:

> How long do old versions get supported?? If I wait, I wouldn't want
> someone to download the new package but still be running on the old
> cygwin even though we have moved up to the latest version. For
> example, I see 1.5.18 is still available in setup.

For the getline issue, it won't matter at all, since the whole point is
to not use the getline() in the Cygwin DLL.  1.5.20 just makes this
easier by not defining getline() by default.

For the d_ino issue, it may be a bit less clear.  If I'm remembering
correctly, d_ino was supported for quite some time, was
deprecated/removed in .18 or .19 (but still supported in a backwards
compatible way for binaries linked against an older version of the DLL)
and then was reintroduced again in .20 with new fixes.  So, it may be
that regardless of what you do you'll be fine here.  I'm not sure.

In any case for a new package I wouldn't worry about it that much.  If
you want to wait until .20 and release it without a patch, and mention
in your release announcement that .20 should be used that would be
fine.  Or since you already have the patch you can go ahead and release
it now without d_ino checking and it should work for any version.

> I guess I could
> leave the source package unpatched, and create a configure command
> that checks the cygwin version, applying the patch appropriately.

I think that would be a lot more confusing than it's worth, especially
since there's no configure script right now at all.  Supporting
source-builds of older versions of the DLL is certainly outside of the
normal range of things you have to worry about.  You can just document
in the Cygwin-specific README in the "build time requirements" that the
user needs version X (where X is whatever is the current DLL version at
the time the package was created.)


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