New gvim (was Re: Updated: vim-7.0.035-1)

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Jun 27 09:14:00 GMT 2006

On Jun 26 16:55, Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports) wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > could you please update the gvim package to vim7, too?
> Hmm, I see that gvim is quite a popular package. :-)  The problem is
> that I'm too many steps ahead of the distribution right now:
> 1) I'm running a snapshot Cygwin environment,

You know that you just have to close all Cygwin processes, rename the
Cygwin DLLs and then you can test running apps under the older DLL,
don't you?

> [.....]
> Either way, I'll look at 7.0.035 soon.

I'm obviously running snapshots, too.  It's quite easy.  Build gvim,
replace the Cygwin DLL and see what error dialog "symbol foo could
not be found in cygwin1.dll" it comes up with.  For the non-GUI vim
it's just sigset().  I managed that by manually disabling HAVE_SIGSET
in src/auto/config.h.  Well... I *forgot* to do that for 7.0.035-1,
that's why there's 7.0.035-2, but it's still easy.


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