[ITP] Gentoo Portage 2.0.54

Jason Alonso jbalonso@gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 01:49:00 GMT 2006

Hello all,

I've been around since the days of B18, but I've been a quiet one...

I have ported portage to Cygwin.  There are still a lot of rough edges
(and a lot of work to do on the ebuild front), but essential
emerge/unmerge/ebuild/quickpkg functionality is operational.  The
system succeeds in building "patch", patching itself, and installing. 
To make that clear: portage builds patch, patches portage, and
installs portage.

Downloads, docs (*cough* [no really, I coughed]... a couple READMEs),
overlays, and a setup.hint are available here:


I am a newbie at Cygwin package maintenance, so I thought it best to
start a discussion before I get too far.  I know for a *fact* that I
have not filled in a lot of requirements for a complete package.  In
fact, I cheated and used quickpkg to build the tar.bz2, but I hope for
that to be the norm one day...

I am not in the best of health atm (a temporary matter--I told you I
coughed), but I wanted to get this thing rolling where other people
can start looking/working at it.  As a consequence, most of my
language is rushed, resulting in possibly politically dangerous
elisions.  Therefore, I must rely on others to fill in the gaps in my
explanations until I can recuperate.

In other words, I think there is more to be said, but

Jason Alonso

p.s. I have posted a similar message to the gentoo-cygwin mailing list
(dormant) over at Gentoo, as I was advised to do by the original
leader of that project.  I have started a dialog with the
sys-apps/portage maintainers to have my Cygwin-specific-ish patches

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