[ITP] util-linux

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Wed Mar 1 02:11:00 GMT 2006

Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports) wrote:
> /bin:
> arch.exe more.exe
> /sbin:
> agetty.exe blockdev.exe lvtune.exe fsck.cramfs fsck.minix mkfs.bfs
> mkfs.cramfs /mkfs.exe mkfs.minix mkswap.exe sln.exe
> /usr/bin:
> cal.exe chkdupexe clear col.exe colcrt.exe colrm.exe column.exe
> cytune.exe ddate.exe flock.exe getopt.exe hexdump.exe ipcrm.exe ipcs.exe
> isosize.exe line.exe logger.exe look.exe mcookie.exe namei.exe pg.exe
> rename.exe renice.exe reset rev.exe script.exe scriptreplay setsid.exe
> setterm.exe tailf.exe ul.exe whereis.exe write.exe
> /usr/sbin:
> ramsize.exe rdev.exe rootflags.exe vidmode.exe
> Instead of continuing to overload cygutils with more utilities, I would
> like to propose this instead.
> The following issues need to be considered:
> 1) agetty, more, and setsid would have to be marked _obsolete; I have
> patched all these programs based on the existing packages.
> 2) clear and reset, already marked _obsolete, are also included here.
> These don't collide with ncurses, however, since these versions are
> scripts and ncurses are .exe's.
> 3) The following programs and manpages would have to be removed
> simultaneously from cygutils: cal col colcrt colrm column ddate getopt
> mcookie namei rename rev.

I have no objection to removing stuff from cygutils in favor of this 
package (especially as my versions were deliberately gettext-deficient). 
  However, you've missed a few collisions:

ipck      -- in cygutils
ipcrm.exe -- in main cygwin pkg [*]
ipcs.exe  -- in main cygwin pkg [*]
logger    -- in inetutils

[*] these two are very closely tied to cygserver, and probably should 
continue to be maintained in the winsup repository and NOT in an 
external package like util-linux.

Question: do ALL of the utilities listed above actually *work*, or 
merely compile?  If some are the latter, I think each should be removed 
from your proposed package until they do.


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