[ITP] util-linux

Tacvek unknown_kev_cat@hotmail.com
Wed Mar 1 21:23:00 GMT 2006

"Charles Wilson" <cygwin-+YAd1uT2djL3uN+rDzSBzrXvWnFrzL6o@public.gmane.org> 
wrote in message news:44050235.4000801@cwilson.fastmail.fm...

> Question: do ALL of the utilities listed above actually *work*, or merely 
> compile?  If some are the latter, I think each should be removed from your 
> proposed package until they do.

I have not tested his package, but the following are some comments:

I think cytune would be unable to work (based on its manpage description).
chkdupexe seem likely to be confused by the bin dir symlink.

Debian hexdump comes from bsdmainutils. What is nice is the companion util 
I'm unsure how bsdmainutil hexsump differs from util-linux hexdump.
Unsure how 'cal' of util-linux compares with 'cal' and 'ncal' of bsdmanutils

Other util-linux utils on Debian also come from bsdmainutils, and may differ 
from the equivlently named tools in util-linux.

Debian lacks tailf, and isosize (or has them hidden in some package I don't 
have installed). 

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