setup.exe: feature request with patch

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Fri Mar 17 05:06:00 GMT 2006

> > > > On Mon, 6 Mar 2006, Dr. F. Lee wrote:
> > > >> I deploy cygwin using unattended ( and
> > > >> wpkg ( It's useful for me to be able to
> > > >> specify additional packages to be installed on the command line.
> > > >> The attached file is a patch to provide this: call "setup -p
> > > >> package1,package2,package3,...,packageN" to have packages1-N
> > > >> artificially included in the 'Base' part of the distribution and
> > > >> hence automatically included.

I tried this out and it works great; I even have custom setup.inis around but
much prefer this command-line option. It's a simple solution that doesn't
require any knowledge of how setup works (hint files, custom mirrors, etc.).
If anyone else wants to try it, I put the binary up at
Use it like this:
cygwin-setup-p.exe -R c:\cygwin -p
curl,lynx,openssh,pinfo,rxvt,vim,wget -s MIRROR -n -q
Where MIRROR is one listed at
(e.g. ).

I'll write up a FAQ to post as soon as an official setup.exe with this patch
is around.

On 3/10/06, Igor Peshansky wrote:
> On Thu, 9 Mar 2006, Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:
> > It also would work for people without access to a web server, and
> FWIW, another way of doing this is creating a full setup.ini entry for
> that empty package, and then appending it to setup.ini whenever a new one
> is downloaded.  This would also work without a web server.

PTC. :)

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