ITP: xsri

Charles Wilson
Tue Mar 21 06:28:00 GMT 2006

"X Set Root Image"

This is a simple app that does nothing much -- and uses a bazillion gtk2 
libraries to do it.  However, that means it can do nothing much, but 
with STYLE.

Setting the root image isn't very effective when using cygwin-X's 
multiwindow mode, UNLESS you've got rxvt-unicode-X's inheritPixmap 
option turned on (see followup ITP).

However, xsri is still useful with other window managers, if you don't 
want to use kcontrol or gnomecontrol or whatever -- because it uses the 
(semi-)standard xatom "ESETROOT_PMAP_ID" and "_XROOTPMAP_ID" mechanisms.

from startwin.bat:
xsri --center-x --center-y --scale-height=100 --scale-width=100 
--keep-aspect --emblem=<full cygwin path to image>



sdesc: "X Set Root Image"
ldesc: "X Set Root Image displays images on the root window with
parameters. Does nothing much more."
category: X
requires: cygwin xorg-x11-bin-dlls libpopt0 gtk2-x11-runtime xorg-x11-xwin

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