ITP: rxvt-W

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Mar 21 11:56:00 GMT 2006

On Mar 21 02:34, Charles Wilson wrote:
> So, long term plan:
>   (1) obsolete the current rxvt package (maybe not "officially" put
>       it in the _obsolete category, but it's still on Corinna's
>       missing-maintainer list, so...)
>   (2) rxvt-unicode-X and rxvt-unicode-W packages, installed
>       side-by-side.
> Medium term plan:
>   (1) keep using current rxvt package for native windows
>   (2) provide rxvt-unicode-X for X-based operation -- see earlier ITP
>   (3) provide libW11, libXpm-W11, and [broken]rxvt-W which uses them.
>       Keep banging on libW11 and rxvt-W until it works as good as
>       current rxvt.  Hope others help.
>   (4) provide rxvt-W and rxvt-unicode-X installed side-by-side,
>       obsoleting current rxvt completely
> Medium-Long term plan
>   (1) provide [broken]rxvt-unicode-W side by side with working rxvt-W
>       and rxvt-unicode-X.
>   (2) Bang some more on libW11 and rxvt-unicode-W until it works as well
>       as rxvt-W (even if it doesn't actually support *unicode*, per se).
>   (3) replace rxvt-W with rxvt-unicode-W

Sounds like a good plan, but... do you plan to replace the old rxvt functionality from the user's
perspective?  This I don't see in your description.  So far the user can
call just "rxvt" and gets what the DISPLAY variable suggests.  With
rxvt-unicode you will get two binaries which can't (or rather,
shouldn't) use the same name.  Will "rxvt" in the long term be the X11
version or the W11 version?  Or will rxvt become a wrapper script
calling the "right" version depending on the DISPLAY setting to maintain
the current usability?


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