setup problems when updating cygwin1.dll

Igor Peshansky
Sun Mar 26 19:33:00 GMT 2006

On Sun, 26 Mar 2006, Lapo Luchini wrote:

> It correctly says "you have to reboot, cygwin could not work correctly
> until you reboot"... but then works "not correctly" a few seconds
> later, during postinstall scripts ;-)
> (lots of "entry point not found")

Hmm, one way of addressing this would be to also schedule the postinstall
scripts to run on reboot, rather than running them at that point.

> I don't think this can easily avoided, but at least the message could
> be changed to warn the user about it (maybe just in the case it can be
> needed, i.e. when cygwin1.dll changes).

FWIW, any DLL change can prompt such behavior...  It's just more common
with cygwin1.dll.

> Ah, I also had a local package aspell-it whose .tar.bz2 was
> "truncated" as far as "tar" told, but that setup.exe extracted in an
> "infinite file" (I killed it when it had already extracted 840MB out
> of a 33MB file).

Hmm, that's a completely separate issue.  If you still have that
"truncated" file, it would be useful in figuring out whether setup's tar
algorithm has a bug.  Does the command-line tar have the same problem?
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