[ITP] mksh 2.6.3 -- MirBSD Korn shell, improved pdksh implementation

Christopher Faylor cgf-no-personal-reply-please@cygwin.com
Mon May 1 21:47:00 GMT 2006

On Mon, May 01, 2006 at 03:33:46PM -0600, Paul Watson wrote:
>The mksh.exe cannot do some things in my .profile which are now being
>done by pdksh on Cygwin, ksh on AIX and Solaris, and ATT ksh on FC4.
>The man page does not specify anything about reporting bugs.  Is there
>an email address, bugzilla, mailing list?

Igor has vetoed this package so I don't think there is any reason to
continue testing it for now.


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