Tue May 9 16:49:00 GMT 2006

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Sent: Friday, May 05, 2006 8:54 PM
Subject: ITP: checkx-0.1.0-1

> checkX is a little utility I wrote that tests to see if (a) the X11 
> client DLLs are installed on the machine, and (b) the Xserver on 
> $DISPLAY (or -d x.x.x.x:x) is running and usable.
> It does not link against the Xll libraries itself, but attempts to 
> dlopen it, using a fuzzy name/path search.  Both the search path and the 
> target name are explicitly over-ridable via commandline arguments.
> In its default mode, checkX returns a 0 status if X is present, 1 
> otherwise, and generates no output.  It is intended for use in scripts, 
> which need to intelligently decide whether to launch an X-based 
> application or a non-X (native MS Gui?  console?) one.
> The source code isn't pretty, but it works pretty well; I've been trying 
> to break it for a while now.  First "published" here:
> but I decided to make it into its own package rather than tack it on to 
> rxvt-unicode-X or cygutils.  It's even autotooled...not that it can 
> actually be BUILT on any platform except cygwin. <g>
> checkx does not yet have a home for ongoing development, save my hard 
> drive, so there's no "upstream" site, and obviously there are no Linux 
> distributions which include it.  Therefore, I need some votes in favor...
Now you have 5 votes:
Eric Blake
Dr. Volker Zell
Yaakov S
John Morrison
Peter Ekberg

So you can try uploading again.

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