Source packages for Cyg versions of gcc-mingw-(core and g++)

Brian Dessent
Mon May 15 11:27:00 GMT 2006

Dave Korn wrote:

> dk@rainbow /usr/src> ls -la gcc-mingw-core-20050522-1/
> total 3521
> drwxrwx---+  2 dk Users       0 May 15 12:05 .
> drwxrwx---+ 36 dk Users       0 May 15 12:06 ..
> -rwxr-x---+  1 dk Users    3762 Jun  4  2005
> -rwxr-x---+  1 dk Users   72828 Jun  4  2005 configure
> -rwxr-x---+  1 dk Users      81 Jun  4  2005
> -rwxr-x---+  1 dk Users 3523621 Jun  4  2005 gcc-core-3.4.4-20050522-1.tar.gz

Yes, and unwrap one more layer.   This file
gcc-core-3.4.4-20050522-1.tar.gz is the *binary* gcc package, as taken
directly from  The configure script provided merely
repackages this existing binary tarball into one suitable for Cygwin, it
does not actually build anything.  It is quite a strange way of doing
things, but it does not appear to be accidental.

To anyone actually interested in the source for gcc-mingw, the answer is
that since these gcc binaries are taken directly from, you can
use their source packages to rebuilt them.  However, in terms of cygwin,
the -src package should consist of source, not an upstream binary.


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