gcc-3.4.4-2 progress report.

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Thu May 18 20:20:00 GMT 2006

Dave Korn wrote:

>   The one thing I haven't done anything about is making libstdc++ as a dll,
> because I don't yet know how.  Jim, if you or anyone else can tell me what I
> have to do in terms of configure options, I'll have a go; otherwise I'll leave
> it for a subsequent release.

I'm pretty sure that this is impossible to do just from configure
options; certainly nothing as simple as --enable-shared.  There's
probably a hardcoded "target *-cygwin gets static only" check
somewhere.  So, you have to either patch that out or manually glue
together *.o files.  Of course that just gets you a DLL, it doesn't
necessarily get you one that works, as surely there was a reason that
shared libstdc++ was disabled, though the reasoning may now be invalid.

Re-libtoolizing to get rid of the ancient, forked, hacked version of
libtool used in the tree might also be a line of attack.

(I feel your pain on running the testsuite with all languages.  I have
had some success in speeding this up greatly by cramming the whole build
tree + a minimal Cygwin onto a ramdrive, but to fit this I had to build
without debug and without a bootstrap, and with the whole drive NTFS
compressed.  BTW if you want some visual feedback as to the speed that
tests are running, you can do 'make -C gcc check RUNTESTFLAGS="-v"'. 
The icing on the cake is the handle leak somewhere in degagnu or expect,
which causes the testsuite to gradually get slower and slower as those
tens of thousands of bogus handles get copied for every fork.)


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