[RFU] lftp 3.4.7-1

Schulman.Andrew@epamail.epa.gov Schulman.Andrew@epamail.epa.gov
Thu May 25 18:17:00 GMT 2006

I'd like to take over maintainership of the lftp package.  It's
currently unmaintained.  I've packaged version 3.4.7, the latest
release; URLs are below.  Since this isn't a new package for Cygwin I
don't think an ITP is needed, but please review the package files.  If
they're found to be suitable, please upload them.

The package layout is about the same as in the old version; there are
some new files, but no new directories.  I've kept the postinstall
script from the old version.  That script is fancier than just plain old

[ -f /etc/lftp.conf ] || cp /etc/defaults/etc/lftp.conf /etc

but that's what it in fact does in an automated installation (e.g.
setup.exe).  In an interactive installation, it will prompt the user to
decide whether to replace an existing config file.  Maybe not too
useful, but no harm done either.



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