[RFU] lftp 3.4.7-1

Schulman.Andrew@epamail.epa.gov Schulman.Andrew@epamail.epa.gov
Thu May 25 19:30:00 GMT 2006

> > I've kept the postinstall script from the old version.  That script
> > fancier than just plain old
> >
> > [ -f /etc/lftp.conf ] || cp /etc/defaults/etc/lftp.conf /etc
> >
> > but that's what it in fact does in an automated installation (e.g.
> > setup.exe).  In an interactive installation, it will prompt the user
> > decide whether to replace an existing config file.  Maybe not too
> > useful, but no harm done either.
> Just to make sure, does it actually read its input from stdin?  If so,
> it's not going to work in older versions of setup (before it started
> redirecting postinstall script input from /dev/null).

No.  It looks to see if it was invoked as /etc/postinstall/lftp.sh, and
if so assumes a "no" answer to the "Overwrite existing /etc/lftp.conf?"
question.  It does print some installation chatter to stdout, but I
believe that's okay.

I have no particular attachment to this script.  I'd be just as happy
with the simple version I mentioned above, but decided to leave it since
it was already there.


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