[RFU] lftp 3.4.7-1

Igor Peshansky pechtcha@cs.nyu.edu
Thu May 25 20:00:00 GMT 2006

On Thu, 25 May 2006, Schulman.Andrew wrote:

> > > I've kept the postinstall script from the old version.  That script
> > > is fancier than just plain old
> > >
> > > [ -f /etc/lftp.conf ] || cp /etc/defaults/etc/lftp.conf /etc
> > >
> > > but that's what it in fact does in an automated installation (e.g.
> > > setup.exe).  In an interactive installation, it will prompt the user
> > > to decide whether to replace an existing config file.  Maybe not too
> > > useful, but no harm done either.
> >
> > Just to make sure, does it actually read its input from stdin?  If so,
> > it's not going to work in older versions of setup (before it started
> > redirecting postinstall script input from /dev/null).
> No.  It looks to see if it was invoked as /etc/postinstall/lftp.sh, and
> if so assumes a "no" answer to the "Overwrite existing /etc/lftp.conf?"
> question.  It does print some installation chatter to stdout, but I
> believe that's okay.

Ah, yes, that is certainly ok.  As long as it doesn't try to read stdin as
a postinstall script, you're fine.

> I have no particular attachment to this script.  I'd be just as happy
> with the simple version I mentioned above, but decided to leave it since
> it was already there.

Up to you as the maintainer.  Besides, since you're keeping the old
postinstall script intact, and we didn't hear any complaints about lftp
installation, my comment was probably too paranoid.
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