Question on gcc & gpc 3.4.4-2 in Experimental

Brian Keener
Wed Nov 1 21:11:00 GMT 2006

A while back (2006/07) a new version of the compilers and such was placed in 
Experimental to bring them to 3.4.4-2.

Previously when the first 3.4.4 version was implemented I raised a question 
about the gpc staying at 3.3.3 and was advised by Gerrit in the thread:

that until a Windows/Mingw version was available gpc would stay at the older 
version.  Since we now have a 3.4.4-2 experimental for what appears to be the 
Cygwin versions (which also appears to include gpc)  I was wondering of the 
Mingw versions had been updated as well or if they even needed to.  


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