[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated [experimental]: readline-5.2-1, libreadline6-5.2-1

Eric Blake ebb9@byu.net
Thu Oct 5 01:59:00 GMT 2006

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According to Igor Peshansky on 10/4/2006 9:03 AM:
> It's usually a good idea to leave the compatibility library around in any
> case (hint: someone may have linked their executable with that particular
> version of libreadline, and would not be in a position to rebuild the
> executable).

To my knowledge, the ONLY binary incompatibility between
libreadline6-5.2-1 and 5.1-5 is that I removed a single cygwin-specific
entry point which I invented back in 5.0-3, in the interest of fewer
downstream patches.  Yes, 5.2 adds new entry points upstream, and bash 3.2
will depend on these new functions (so bash 3.2 and readline 5.1 will not
work); but adding entry points is binary compatible.  So far, to my
knowledge, the only user of the deleted entry point was bash-3.0 (about
the time that I also added a cygwin-specific patch to bash to use the new
hook, as part of becoming the bash maintainer).  I would love to be proved
wrong, by someone telling me that their application compiled against any
of cygwin's readline 5.0-3 through 5.1-5 releases now causes a popup box
claiming a missing entry point, at which point I have no problems creating
libreadline7 which removes the entry point, and keeping libreadline6
binary compatible after all.  The other alternative is for me to keep the
.dll at libreadline6, but to perpetuate my cygwin-specific patch to keep
the entry point alive.  Oh, and using my bash-3.0-n with
libreadline6-5.2-1 doesn't count (I already know that it will fail, but I
don't care since bash 3.0 is no longer on the mirrors).

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