Guile, LilyPond waiting for cygltdl-3.dll?

Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Fri Oct 13 13:32:00 GMT 2006


cygldtd-3.dll from libtool 1.5.22-2 is broken, see

This blocks the updates of guile-1.8 and lilypond-2.8.  I worked
around this in my guile test packages by building libtool and
supplying a fixed cygltdl-3.dll

    #! /bin/sh
    if ! test -e /usr/bin/cygltdl3.dll-broken; then
        mv /usr/bin/cygltdl-3.dll /usr/bin/cygltdl3.dll-broken
        cp -f /usr/bin/cygltdl-3.dll-fixed /usr/bin/cygltld3.dll

Do we want these kinds of workarounds*), or must we wait for libtool
to be fixed?

Please advise, greetings,

*) guile could link statically to libtldl.dll.a, but that's quite a hack
   in the build process.  Libtool does not support this, so we'd have
   to link manually from the build script using a manufactured gcc command.

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