fontconfig package

Corinna Vinschen
Mon Oct 23 15:52:00 GMT 2006

On Oct 23 17:36, Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen <> writes:
> > The package is up for grabs by a new maintainer
> I've built fontconfig-2.4.1, as we are building that anyway for other
> platforms.

Cool!  Thanks for taking over maintainership :)

> .  Btw, whhy is it in the X11 subdirectory, fontconfig has
> nothing to do with X11?

Historical reasons I assume.  It doesn't actually matter as long as the
directory has no influence on setup categorizing.  If you like I move
it out of X11.

Other than that, the package has two packaging bugs.  The paths are
stored in the tar file with leading "./", which confuses setup.exe.
Also, the executables in usr/bin don't have a .exe suffix.

!!! I just found that the new lilypond package has the "./" bug as well.
    I removed the package from for now.  Can you please
    provide new packages?  Thanks.


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