Boost 1.33.1-3 packages, new package review request.

Václav Haisman
Thu Jan 4 00:17:00 GMT 2007

I have compiled new release of Boost packages, for the first time with .dlls.
It can be downloaded using the attached shell script. But before I will
request upload I would like your veto on the new libboost package that
contains the .dlls.

Boost's build system does not generate import libraries and it does not name
resulting .dlls using cyg prefix but uses lib instead. I had to hack the
build system a bit to convince it to use the cyg prefix and generate the
import libraries. The explanation I got about it not having import libraries
on Boot mailing list was that it should not be needed since Cygwin supports
auto-imports. This is true but my experience is that one has to first add -L
/usr/bin for it to work, do any packages rely purely on auto-imports? Also
there are import libraries installed into /usr/lib by other packages. So, I
ask, what is the preference here? Do I need to provide the import libraries
or not? If I should, what should be their extension? I have noticed .dll.a on
some packages. Also since Boost does not use autotools it does not provide
.la files for the .dll libraries, are these necessary?

Vaclav Haisman

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